Monday, November 24, 2008

What If?

Monday, November 24, 2008
What if?

What if I write a book? (Sort of did and it will be published in 2009).
What if we have a beautiful country home with lots of land where I have a huge gardening area (year round?) for flowers and veggies?
What if I do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Manhattan?
What if I finish reading Little Women, A Christmas Carol, The House of the Seven Gables, The Exorcist (did! October 14, 2007), The Honk and the Holler Open Soon (did! October 28, 2005) and The Amityville Horror?
What if we take an American Canandian Carribean Cruise line to all the small ports and cities the large ships can't get like we saw on that documentary on PBS?
What if I go back to the Canadian Niagara Falls and finally go to the Hockey Hall of Fame?
What if we own a farm with dogs, horses, maybe an alpaca, grow Christmas trees, flowers and veggies?
What if I ran a farm stand with seasonal flowers, produce, pies and maybe decorations?
What if I printed out my photo's, especially of the area, folliage and flowers, and set up a table at the annual flea market like I've talked about for a couple of years now?
What if I ran a seasonal/holiday decorating/merchandising service for homes and small businesses?
What if I work from home eventually?
What could I do in addition to writing at home?
What if we move from Matawan Village? (Did! December 15, 2005).
What if I explore why I am so drawn to souther fiction/authors, movies and family traditions?
What if we spend July 4th in a different place each year, like Washington DC, Gettysburg PA, Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore?
What if I/we went to Salem Mass in October? (Did! October 2008).
What if I live in New York City from alte September through Easter or for one full year?
What if I/we travel the Mississippi like they did on that PBS documentary we watched in 2004 or 2005? (Can it even be done anymore since Hurricane Katrina?)
What if I go storm/tornado chasing in Tornado Alley during tornado season? (I have re-thought this given what happened to Greensburg last year - watching storm chasers ecstatic over watching that tornado while people died (I know they didn't know what was happening, but) and Victor's reaction was "Real nice assholes.")
What if I go to the US South Pole Research Station for "Winter Over"?
What if I learn to knit? (Did! Summer of 2006).
What if I learn to quilt?
What if I go ahead with my plans to turn the spare room into a cozy home office space for myself with a reading area along with a sleeping area for guests?
What if I were to create and open a Gardener's Retreat, sort of like writers, quilter's and zen retreat's, like the Elm Creek Quilter's retreat in the fictional books by Jennifer Chiaverini?
What if I go to France, Paris and Provence?
What if we go to Tennessee?
What if I got to Germany, to the village of Oppau where my Grandma was born and raised before coming to America?
What if I go to Ireland where my Nana was happiest, and visit all the places her long ago (and long gone) friends reminiced about in notes and letter to her before leaving for America?
What if I relearn French and learn basic German, Polish and even Gaelic?
What I/we go to New England in Fall? (Did! October 2008).
What if I go up in a hot air balloon for a foliage ride and NOT freak out? (This is the least likely to happen on this list!)
What if I visit G in Chicago? (By train not by air!)
What if I stop second guessing myself?
What if I get on that treadmill once a day?
What if I start yoga?
What if I act now and be scared later instead of the other way around which leads me to not act at all?

What if I do all (or most) of these things?
What if you do the things on your "What if?" list?

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