Saturday, December 27, 2008

And we are! (Smilin' & in PA) We're taking a ride to Cabela's ( in Hamburg PA. Amazing what crossing state lines does for us! (We love PA).


Brandie said...

My husband would be so jealous. He loves Cabelas. :) Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Cabela's is a lot of fun! Only bites if your mother-in-law gets sick in the parking lot.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Jo!
Miss you!
H @ WriteJourney

GardeningJo said...

Brandie~ we had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you & Hubby did too!

Cabela's is always fun to take a ride to at this time of year! Lots of bargains! (Though it's so crowded on weekends).

H~ yeah, that doesn't sound like any fun at all! We had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you and Hubby did too! (Did you get any books?)

B said...

MAN! I AM SO JEALOUS! We got Cabela's gift cards from my Dad but we have to order online. Wish we could make the trip up to Cabelas! Enjoy for me!

GardeningJo said...

B, I did enjoy it, mainly because it got us out of NJ and into PA! But it's always fun looking at all the stuff they've got there! It's only a once a year or 2 trip for us though, we order online more. (The Sportsman's Guide is a great site & catalog too!)