Saturday, December 27, 2008

BirdSong Identiflyer

It came with the card in it (YardBirds Two) and the card to the right (YardBirds One) and today I got Birds of the Night and YardBirds-Eastern.

You press the botton by each bird and it plays each birds' calls and songs. Each card also has a tiny pic of the bird, its' name and on the back a description of its' call.

Hubby got it for me (yes, for Valentine's this year) because he got tired of me asking him "What kind of bird is that?!" when we're in our kitchen or out back. (He knows so many it's amazing really!) I'd learned the difference between Blue Jays and Crows (I'd always had them mixed up) and I thought I knew Cardnials, but we have so many different birds here I didn't know how else I'd figure them all out.

I love this clever little machine! I'm going to check out a book about the birds of this region from the library so I can copy the info about the ones right here. I also got a gorgeous 2009 calendar for Christmas which has pics of back yard birds - each month is different and gives info on all of them.


B said...

VERY COOL GIFT!!! I love it! When can I come play with it? ;)

GardeningJo said...

I love it too! Anytime you'd like!