Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabela's Goodies (Yesterday)

Hubby & I both got desperately needed new boots (obviously only mine are pictured since his probably wouldn't fit in the pic - they're frickin' huge!). He also got new suspenders & a box of compressed air cartridges and I picked up a couple of cute hats and 2 cards for my BirdSong Identiflyer that he got me for Valentine's Day this year. (Yes, I wanted it & love it! I got him the book "Boone" for his Valentine's Day gift this year). See previous post for explanation.

And that does it! Time to tighten the purse strings and begin saving as much money as we possibly can. With Hubby being out of work w/a back injury since 11/11 & no paid time off left by the time it happened, he's been without any salary since that date and his state disability payments have come in yet. We've been living off savings and my monthly social security disability. I'm trying not to panick about how much we've gone through and what our savings is down to. It couldn't be helped. He couldn't work and it didn't happen on either job. He needed the break honestly, physically & emotionally. He was so exhausted. He returns to work on 1/5 and until we get the $ from state disability, we'll just have to save as much as quickly as possible from his pay & my ssd to recoop what's gone. Thank God we had my ssd retro $ in savings or we'd have been screwed since last month! I'm so thankful for that. And I/we did spend a little more than usual on Christmas overall but my thinking was that since we can do it this year, we might as well because who knows if we'll be able to next year (and we haven't in previous years). I've no regrets.

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