Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want to add to a statement I made in yesterday's post, a slight correction, if I may be so allowed: The few times I'm able to silence the noise in my mind are when I'm physically gardening, when the Christmas Tree is up & lit and when it snows. What started out earlier this afternoon as sleet, coating much of everything, has turned into graceful, linen white flakes.

It's very raw outside so it was home made potato soup and griddled cheeses for lunch. (When ever I make soups or stews, I freeze the leftovers in seperate 'soup' size tupper ware containers that can be popped into the microwave for a few minutes on defrost & then dumped into a large sauce pan on the stove).

I finally finished decorating last night. I did a little more online shopping today and will probably finish up tomorrow when I'm out & about with Mom. I'm also going to stop at the library on the way home & pick up some books about Christmas in Germany, Ireland, Poland, England & France - something I always mean to do well in advance of Christmas but never do.


carolyn said...

I'm always fascinated by other peoples Christams traditions you can usually find out quite a bit in childrens books. Plus they often have the most wonderful illustrations.

GardeningJo said...

I've considered children's books but I'd like something more detailed. I have no sense of heritage or roots and I feel this is one way to begin to. I'm German on my Dad's side and Irish & English on my Mom's side, Polish now that I've married, though I do believe there's Italian, Russian, Dutch and perhaps French on his Mom's side too (the interest on France on my part is a long story - I've talked about it in previous posts).