Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things You May Not Know About Me!

This has been floating around facebook and I was "tagged" there post mine (which I did today) but thought I'd post it here too, just fyi. Feel free to do the same on your own blog!

1> I love mugs and have more than any 1 (or 2 or 3) human beings can possibly use!
2> Our "back yard" is tiny (23'x15'?) but it's the only one I've ever had and I love it!
3> I'm Mother to an Angel in Heaven who would've turned 10 this year.
4> I'm terrified to try again. (See #3)
5> I love being a married woman!
6> I love watching all the birds who come to eat the seed I throw out, especially the Cardinals & Downy WoodPecker, and a new arrival makes my day!
7> I'd love to own & live on a farm.
8> I hate clutter but I love stuff!
9> Corn Pops & AZ Iced Tea are like crack for me!
10> I love taking pictures & tend to take too many, don't upload enough or print them out.
11> I love weekly planners - the kind that lay flat & have mon-wed on the left hand page and thrus-sun on the right. This year's planner is SATC pink! (See #12)
12> My favorite colors are pinks, natural greens, barn red and orange.
13> My favorite place to go is my sister-in-law's cabin up in The Endless Mountains Region of NorthEastern PA. I'd stay there forever if I could. I cry every time it's time to leave & come back here!
14> I love Law & Order re-reuns no matter how many times I've seen them!
15> My kind of reality tv is Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Ghost Hunters...
16> I LOVE the show Nip/Tuck .
17> Gardening is my passion. It gives me connection, pure joy and calms my soul.
18> Writing is my agony but it's what I've always come back to.
19> I feel Religion/Spirituality is very personal and one doesn't have to got to a specific building in order to connect with God.
20> I love Post-it's in all shapes, colors & sizes.
21> Had I not chickened out on my "work in Manhattan" dream only months before, I would've died on the 78th floor of World Trade Center Tower 2 on September 11th, 2001 doing a job I hated.
22> My Mother named me after my father (Joe) and herself (Anne) - Joanne - and HATES when people call me Jo! (I have no problem with it whatsoever obviously!) Guess she should've thought that one through a bit more!
23> My father passed away 31 years ago this month.
24> My father was supposed to give me a middle name before we left the hospital for the brith cert, hence no middle name! (Thanks Dad!)
25> I picked Katherine for my Confirmation name because I thought it was my Nana's middle name - she never told me otherwise - after she passed away, Mom & I found Nana's birth cert and Nana's middle name was Kate! (What's wrong with my family?!!!)


Holli said...

That was fun to read :)

Rachel said...

Jo- I LOVE all of your 25's!! Very fun to read.

GardeningJo said...

Thanks, it was fun to do once I got started! I've thought of nearly 25 more since, lol!