Monday, January 12, 2009

I just had a glass of wine in hopes that it will enable me to sleep through Hubby's snoring. If it works, I may become an alcoholic. But so far all that's happened is my sinuses have started up again (I knew that might happen but was willing to take the risk) and I'm terribly warm.

Not to be spiteful or nasty but I sincerely hope his snoring is loud enough to disturb our new, ever so inconsiderate upstairs neighbors. They're no better than the original ones and to a degree are worse and I doubt I can take living underneath them for 3 yrs like I did the others. (Just more inspiration to get us out of here & out of NJ in '09).


Brandie said...

I feel your pain all around! My hubby snores, and so do I, and lately we are both driving each other mad. I can't remember the last time I got a good night's sleep where I didn't have to take Nyquil or sleeping aids.

And as for the neighbors - I feel bad for you, because I've lived by horrible neighbors before and it's no picnic! Our last apartment, we had neighbors who fought all the time and had the cops called on them for domestic disputes (not by other people that could hear them down the road!). It was so awful living beside them. I hope you find away to deal! I think that's why our tv was always so loud!

GardeningJo said...

Though he did wake me up a few times, I did sleep more deeply. Whether or not that's the wine or exhaustion, who knows?! Today I've got a sinus headache, is it the wine or am I not over my sinus infection, who knows?!

Our previous upstairs neighbors had plenty of domestic abuse issues to say the least. Miraculously that aspect seemed to go away their last year here. Having been in domestic abuse situations before I knew Hubby, I was less than thrilled to have to hear theirs, it was like I was reliving mine all over again. I called the cops on him upstairs (maybe not enough?) I couldn't stand it.

But in addition to that, they were just plain rude and inconsiderate. No amount of talking to them changed anything. (Sometimes yelling from in our apartment would keep things quiet for a few minutes). I've already talked with the new girl upstairs 3 times. If I have to talk to her again, it's going to Management. Between all the noice from up there & not sleeping, I feel like I'm going to lose it!

I don't care what anyone does in their apartment until it affects me in mine in a negative way! (And what ever happened to being extra careful when you live above the on-site management anyway?!)