Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Took A Break Today

(Taken this evening, in front of our place).

I took a break today from being overwhelmed, from thinking, from worrying, from reading, from journaling, from being aggitated by the tenants upstairs (they weren't home ALL day - Amen!) and from feeling like crap. Physically this was the first day in WEEKS upon weeks when I didn't feel like crap, though parts of my face, neck & chest are still red, itchy & puffy. Psoriasis - yesterday was horrendous! My face and arms were swollen, red, hot & itchy. It drove me crazy! And I had a nasty sinus headache.

In an effort to keep my mind and body calm, I'm not yet going to get into here what I've been overwhelmed with, worrying & thinking about. Instead I'm going to focus on the break I took from it all today because it felt good. By the time Hubby arrived home from work, I felt good!

It was quiet because, as I mentioned above, no one was home upstairs ALL day! I'd been outside to the basement 3 times to do laundry and once to take out garbage. Yes, it was cold but it felt wonderful. (Probably because for once the heat worked properly and I didn't spend the day shivering inside thru a bitter cold day). I futzed around with my blog, something I really enjoy doing. I showered - nothing makes one feel human again like taking a well needed shower! I threw together a batch of home made chicken soup which turned out REALLY good! We ran to the library so Hubby could pick up a book he requested and I not only returned books but didn't leave there with any! (Can't say the last time that happened!)

Even now I'm still feeling good. It's quiet. Hubby's asleep (has been for an hour already - he's still sick and it was busy at work) and I'm not disappointed. I've had a cup of hot decaf tea with honey. I'm either going to start a reading a book from my Christmas gift pile or pick up Little Women where I left off.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to that coating of snow I'll suppoosedly wake up to in the morning (yup, only a coating in this neck of the woods) and to making pancakes with Jiffy raspberry muffin mix for breakfast! (Who knew?! The recipe is on the back of the box! I've also got Jiffy blueberry & oatmeal muffin mixes - can't wait to try them all).


Brandie said...

It's good to take a break - we all need that. Even though I'm feeling overly stressed, I felt better after coming home and seeing the hubby and reading a good book! And pancakes are sounding really yummy right about now...

GardeningJo said...

The pancakes turned out to be a pleasant surprise! (I wasn't sure since the batter didn't smell good, lol!)

teri said...

Jo, my son has very bad psoriasis. He actually has to get injections for it because nothing else worked and it was so bad. I feel for you!

GardeningJo said...

Teri, thank you and it's alright.

Only 10% of people diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis had/have Psoriasis prior to the diagnosis - I am not one of that 10%. The disease (Psoriatic Arthritis) manifests itself in different ways at different times and if it choose to do so this way (and it wasn't a stress reaction), well, I'm not happy about it, but...

I did start using vitamin e on my face last night (popped a whole in a gel cap & squeezed it out) and I'm worlds better! (That's one of my Mama's old home remedies that I'd long forgot about that I wish I'd remembered sooner).

My iv treatments of Remicade have helped A LOT in the last year though we seem to have hit a rough patch since November. My Rheumatoidologist & I are working on working it out and I'm back on every 4 week followups & bloodwork taken just before the iv is set up every 8 weeks.

It's one day at a time. I've been ill for 15 years or so and even though now I'm a bit off track, I'm still better than any point in those 15 years!