Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If there's ever a good day to be sick...

This is it!

Sleet from yesterday afternoon thru last night turned to rain and raining it has been all day here. It's cloudy & dim but brighter now than it's been. And it's foggy. Temperature's going to drop so things will be icing up tonight.

Hubby & I both went to our doctor's yesterday and we're both on antibiotics for sinus infections! (Me for strep too). Time to rest, take my meds & vitamins, stay hydrated, drink tea w/honey, eat yogurt (antibiotics & parts of me don't get along)... Would be great if I wasn't exhausted beyond belief, queasy and otherwise feeling icky!

I've been in my comfy tshirt, yoga capri's, fleece robe & slippers all day, hanging on the couch w/the cats. (They love my fleece robe more than me at the moment!) The Christmas lights are lit on the now ornament-less tree and I've got 2 candles lit. I can finally enjoy the lights, my favorite part of Christmas time.

Hubby went back to work today - just when I was finally used to having him home! (He's already feeling better from the antibiotics - show off!) His back and shoulder are so much better and he really needed a break. He got pretty bored towards the end though! He's not a man who likes to be idle. We should be getting his NJ State Disability payments any day now so that's a relief. His worker's comp case got settled Tuesday and while it's not what we wanted, it's more than Home Depot countered with.

I'm actually tired from typing this so I'm signing off for now!

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