Thursday, January 29, 2009

It took an extra 10 minutes...

At ShopRite on Sunday, it took an extra 10 minutes to find bread without high fructose corn syrup. (Arnold Country White and Pepperidge Farm 100% Natural Honey Flax Whole Grain).

t took an extra 10 minutes to find cereal to snack on without high fructose corn syrup. (Mom's Best Naturals Sweetened (frosted) Wheat-fuls. The only Kellog's Frosted Mini-Wheats that have HFCS in it are the plain fosted ones I LOVE but these aren't bad).

It took an extra 10 minutes to find cereal bars without HFCS. (Health Valley Organic).

It took an extra 10 minutes to find granola bars without HFCS. (Health Valley Organic - so chewy it hurt my jaw! Hope the squirrels like them).

Hubby was less than thrilled! Lol!

Just FYI: Previously I've found the following without HFCS:

Langers bottled juices, Nanina's in the Park pasta sauces, Stonyfield Farm Organic lowfat yogurt Smoothies, Multi-V Vitamin Water (lemonade), Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Strips, Garden of Eatin Blue Chips all natural tortilla chips and Snyder of Hanover Thin Pretzels (The Pounder), Bonnie Maman Preserves, Polaner All Fruit Jams & Preserves and Nature's Path Flax Plus Instant Oatmeal. (Plain Oatmeal w/flax seeds - before adding hot water, sprinkle in some cinnimon, brown suger, gold raisin & dried cranberries. Then add your water & I drizzle with a cap full or two of milk - SO good!).

The quest contines!

By the way, I jus learned that Honey with any kind of bread with wheat in it can act like HFCS in that it essentially adds more sugar than what's listed because of how your body processes it!

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