Thursday, January 15, 2009

The mantle is now dressed for Winter & Valentines. (And the Christmas decorations are packed away).


Lizzi said...

Your mantle is so charming. I have one too but never thought to decorate it other than for Christmas...great idea!

GardeningJo said...

Thanks Lizzi!

I LOVE this mantle. This was originally my Mom's and I grew up with it. I painted the barn red color on to cover a bad black & white faux marble look.

When she told me she didn't want it anymore, I (well, me & Hubby) grabbed it and brought it to our old apartment. She never did much with it other than have some knick knacks & chachki's on it.

When she came over and saw how I had decorated it (not for a holiday, just in general) she was so impressed she regretted giving it to me. (No take backs, lol!)

I'm a nut & also love decorating for every holiday and season. It's a lovely focal point which makes me happy!