Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

Taken this afternoon at Tatum Park, Middletown NJ.

No, it's not Washington DC! I wasn't up to going. I did try, got up at 4am with Hubby, got dressed & we left. Made it to the first rest stop on the parkway, came back home and went back to bed. Not only did I have my IV this Tues which drains me for a couple of days but I also got my time o' the month an hour before my IV, so the combo is really knocking me on my arse. I really did want to go and I did make the effort but it was just too much for me today.

We did take a walk this afternoon. What a difference today compared with the walk we took New Year's Day 2007! Then it was cloudy, humid and in the 60's. Today it was clear & sunny, windy and 23 degrees. We were exhausted when done so we came back home & haven't left the couch since!


trosekay said...

Love this are inspiring me to venture out into the snow. We got fresh snow overnight and now the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Happy New Year!

GardeningJo said...

Happy New Yr to you! Thank you re this pic, sometimes I surprise myself with what I find when I view them when I get home! This and the prev pic I posted I like a lot!