Sunday, January 04, 2009

Should've Posted This Sooner!

If, like us, you had a fresh tree for Christmas, instead of putting it out at the curb now for town pick up (most mulch them), you can take the tree (free of ornaments, lights, tinsil, etc.) and prop it up in a corner area of your property (secure with twine if needed) and it will provide shelter for birds throughout the rest of this winter! Once it's completely needle free & the birds are no longer using it, you can then put it out at the curb (whenever your town picks up brush) or chop it up for firewood. (We have a chiminea outside & will use the wood for that).

Not that birds won't be attracted to the tree, but you can get a bag of cracked
corn (on the pet food aisle of the foodstore) and sprinkle it around the base of the tree to get the birds interested. (Squirrels will most likely be curious too but mainly because of the cracked corn).


trosekay said...

Oh I wish I had a tree (and a yard) to try this with, I would love to attract some birds to brighten the snowy days.

GardeningJo said...

We have a yard, mostly dirt though some of the grass seed I put down this fall actually took and it's not very big, maybe 22'x15'? But, I've never had a back yard so I love it! I'm going to have Hubby put our tree out today or tomorrow and then see what happens.

Hannah Banana said...

Great idea, Jo! I wish I could try this.