Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Well, Chuck in Staten Island NY is predicting an early Spring While Phil in Pux. PA is predicting 6 more weeks of Winter. (Big, heated long standing rivalry there!)

Had there been a groundhog here, (Atlantic Highlands Harry would be a good name I think!), he definately would've seen his shadow since it's been sunny & in the 50's all day! So, that would mean 6 more weeks of Winter! (As my Mom always says, "it's 6 more weeks of Winter either way" ~ Duh).

I awoke this a.m. with a skull splitting sinus headache so it's time for another round of antibiotics because I don't want to have this when we fly down to TX on the 13th. (Flying + sinus problems ='s Pain, suffering and BLEAH!) I've also got to rinse out the Neti pot and start washing out my sinuses again.

With much consideration, I cancelled my NY Times Weekender subscription (delivery Fri thru Sun). The sections I read are all online at and it will save us about $270 a year. (I'm going to take the same amount from our checking every 6 weeks and put it into savings so that that $ is actually saved, not just blown elsewhere). It's also going to cut down on all that newspaper I've had to recycle since getting the subscription last Christmas (from Hubby). Not to mention I won't be having to constantly call in missed papers because the delivery woman never showed!

I love getting my NY Times though and I'm trying not to be online more, I'm trying to be online less. I think it's truly important to support the paper printed word so that the art of newspapers & newspaper writing isn't lost. Reading it online just isn't the same as spreading it out on the table or the bed and seeing what catches my eye.

But, this economy has me worried so I did it in the interest of cutting corners to help us.

The kitties are all pissed off at me since I gave them their flea med this morning. (You'd think I was pouring acid on their shoulder blades for krikey sakes!)

The back yard is a muddy mess! Branches & vines down all over, the grass that was growing strong since seeding this Fall is mostly smooshed or straw looking. Thankfully tomorrow's snow & falling temps will cover it all back up so I don't have to think about it for a while! :) (Definately going to have to re-seed in the Spring).

But on the bright side, I was able to have all of the windows and the patio door open today for fresh, not bitterly cold, air.

Now I'm off to have some soup followed by getting my arse on the exercise bike!


Lizzi said...

I just canceled our Fri,Sat,Sun papers too. I always had good intentions of reading them through but I never finished them and they just got to be too much. You're completely right - reading the same info online is nothing like reading the real deal in print.

dragyonfly said...

Well, here in Memphis we are trying to start a new tradition...HEDGEHOG day...LOL...

My nose is all messed up too....

And I need to go on and get on the elliptical since I just ate my Chili...

See? we have LOTS in common...LOL

GardeningJo said...

D, I LOVE the idea of Hedgehog day! They're so cute!

Lizzi, they called me last night to confirm my cancellation and I nearly relented! I may subscribe to the NY Times Book Review though, I haven't decided yet!