Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Nana

This is my Nana. She passed away on May 16th, 2000 at the age of 89. She was born on Christmas Day, 1910. This is one of the last pics I believe I took with her. I don't remember when this was taken. It hangs just outside our kitchen here, just like it did in our old apartment.

I have missed my Nana more in the last four and a half years than in the ones immediately following her death. I'm not sure why. While this pic always stays where it is, there are 2 others, family pics, that I sometimes have to put away for while because I miss her so deeply I sob each time I look at those 2 pics.

On facebook, my cousin has been posting lots of pics and 2 recently have my Nana in them. (One has me, Nana, my mom, her & another cousin in it and the other is of the first 3 born in the family with Nana). Seeing them is stirring up my heart again. (And annoying me since she identifies Nana as Grandma - Nana HATED being called Grandma & everyone knew/knows that).

My Dad died 30 years ago this month. Mom & Dad were divorced when I was 6 months old. I grew up with my Mom, my Nana and to an extent my Aunt. For the most part it was me, Mom & Nana. She was my grandmother and my parent.


shelby said...

I had the same relationship with my gran Jo. I'm sure she feels your love for her. Sending you my love :)

Holli said...

I feel the same way about my Grandma too...her and my grandpa raised me right along with my mom and they were my parents also. My grandpa passed away when I was 19 and he was really my true father figure. I miss him so deeply still that I sometimes just stop and cry during the day when I think about him. it overwhelms me sometimes how much I miss him. My grandma is 79 right now and I told her she has to just live forever because I need her too badly for her to go yet.

Lizzi said...

Who knows why we miss people more at certain times than othes. No rhyme or reason to emotion I suppose. I'm sure she's watching over you.

P.S. I had a Nana too, and Nanas are most definitely not Grandmas!

Roxy said...

My Grams helped raise me too. My grandpop died when I was very little. Both of my grams are gone, most recently as December. Its interesting that you posted this because just the other night I drafted this long post about my Grandparents and how I miss them and how I'm getting through it. I wasn't sure if I'd post it or just keep it to myself.

Just Tera said...

What a lovely tribute to her. How lucky to have such memories and pictures. Take heart in knowing another angel is watching out for you.

Thauna said...

Hi Jo, I have times where I really, really miss my Granny too. Sometimes I dream of her and I wake up feeling like we had a visit.

GardeningJo said...

Yhank you all for your kind & supportive posts here! It helps when things are sometimes so hard.

Lizzi wrote: "I had a Nana too, and Nanas are most definitely not Grandmas!"

I could not agree more Lizzi!

Thuana, when Nana's in my dream I also feel live we've had a visit, but I usually end up crying in the dream or waking up crying because I miss her so! But, I'm ok with it.