Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somehow I made it through a quick trip to Kohl's for a new coffee maker and to the food store this morning. This afternoon I was looking out of the patio doors at all the grey, non-color and said for the first time in a long time I'm ready for Spring. I so wanted to see green.

This is quite unlike me even though the coming of Spring signals the near start of another gardening season and gardening is one of my greatest joys. I'm never ready for Winter to be overwith (or for daylight savings time to begin again).

Of course, this could be my weary soul subtly crying "Uncle!" from this hellacious cold & bronchitis. It could be the lack of sleep. It could also be the cold/cough/pain meds & antibiotics!

Regardless, to satisfy my need for earthy tones, I picked up some yarn I bought in Dec. or Jan. on deep clearance at a somewhat nearby yarn shop and began knitting (yes another!) scarf.

The pics aren't the best. (I'll try taking new ones today). The yarn has all manner of natural greens throughout with a bit of cream and various shades of dirt brown. As soon as I saw the yarn, it reminded me of early Spring when green starts popping up all over and things are wet from the thaw and rains.

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Sydney said...

This yarn looks gorgeous! I need to break away from craft store yarn and support a local yarn shop I think. Must use up some of my stash though!