Tuesday, March 17, 2009


11:14pm (3/16/09)
Watching a documentary
Tennessee is so beautiful
Head & nose all stuffy
Out of ZyrtekD - sigh
Want to read but distracted by my clogged head
Hubby's snoring a little, restless a lot
I worry about him
He's so tired, works so much
Doesn't get to do what he enjoys often enough
(If at all)
He willingly took my burdens & made them his own
I'm still not used to being taken care of
Makes me uncomfortable, guilty
I took care of things for so many years
Are 2 persons "stuff" too much for 1 person?
Even a good, strong man?
I know what it is to do more than my "fair share"
Though the situation was completely different
Is the end result the same?


Lizzi said...

This time piece is moving...I think it's something so many of us think about but don't put out there. Thanks!

GardeningJo said...

I do worry about him so much. He's been working since he was 13 and he'll be 44 this year. And it's mainly been physical types of work that whole time, including now. He's so tired. That's not good. He's in good health (gets bloodwork/goes to the dr regularly, had a stress test which he passed with flying colors) but the fatigue can do a number on a person if it's indefinate. If anything happened to him... It terrifies me.

Lizzi said...

I understand. My husband has always done some sort of physical work, which though he enjoys, takes a toll on his body. He is in fine health, but I know that it could be better, and I know that he is the last person to take care of himself. In addition, he bottles things up and takes on more than his fair share of worry/responsibility, which isn't healthy. Just like you expressed, the thought of something happening to him is terrifying.

Judy said...

I can totally relate to this post...He sounds like my hubby. I worry about him all the time, so we'll take walks by the river with our dog and that seems to help some.

GardeningJo said...

Lizzi & Judy, thank you. It helps ease my worry (a little!).