Friday, March 06, 2009

The day started and ended the same: Sunny with a hint of warmth in the gentle breeze. The rest of the day was dim and chilly. Looked like rain.

Our tenants got off on a technicality thanks to Managments' attorney and the judge had no choice legally but to dismiss. (Property Manager VERY peeved to say the least. It's her (the attorney) job to know the laws and submit a complete complaint. She was given all of the required & necessary documentation by Management to do so). So that was a waste of 4 hours.

We didn't make it to Philly. We left court, had lunch near home, picked up Hubby's antibiotics and came home. He was asleep less than 15 minutes later & still is now, a few hours later. He promised me that we'll go tomorrow, but if he's still this sick, I'm not holding him to it. Worse comes to worse, we'll go Sunday. Or there's always next year.

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