Thursday, March 19, 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed our taste of spring today. I had the windows open from the time I got up until sundown. I wrote this morning. Was unable to identify a new feathered visitor out back and watched the Cardinals, the Blue Jay & the Morning Doves off & on (all day). Went to the library downtown with Mom & Aunt Judy this afternoon so they could check out the books for sale. Did LOTS of laundry. Hubby came home early. We spent the evening on the couch, having dinner & watching tv. I picked up knitting my earthy colors scarf.

I checked out 2 audio books this afternoon, "Pilgrims" by Elizabeth Gilbert (unfortunately not read by her) and "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, read by Sissy Spacek. (One of my all time favorite reads and I love Sissy so I couldn't resist!)

Needing another cup of green tea (decaff given the hour) & a snack, I heated some raspberry preserves & drizzled it over one of the angel foodcake cupcakes I got at Foodtown earlier on the way home. YUM!

The cats are all sleeping out here in the livingroom. Some are snoring! It's time for me to get some rest too. There's a spot on my right tonsil and a bit of pain going from that area into my ear. I used my Neti Pot after dinner to help cleanse my nasal & sinus passages as I've been clogged up for a couple of days now. (It really helps & I should do it even when I'm feeling alright). I'm doubling up on some vitamins & drinking extra green tea. I want to kick this - antibiotics aren't working at all for me anymore. So, I'll try do to it myself.


Thauna said...

Aww, Spring is starting to show up here in Utah as well and I'm loving it!!!

Hope that the tickle in your throat has gone away. Your day sounds very enjoyable! :o)

GardeningJo said...

It was a very good day! From beginning to end. Friday on the other hand, ack. Throat isn't getting better but I got to the doctor for a follow up tomorrow morning so we'll see what he says to do.