Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March's Lion Finally Sleeps!

I love how the snow drifted againt our windows! I wanted to take this pic before the sun melted it. (Amazing that even in this frigid cold the sun can still melt ice & snow).

Yesterday's blizzard (yeah, I know, they're technically not blizzard's here anymore, they're Nor'Easters) brought so many birds to our backyard! The usual Carolina Wrens & Finches were going crazy for the Irish Soda Bread I threw out earlier. But we also had 2 huge Blue Jays, 4 Starlings, 1 Mockingbird or Cat Bird (couldn't tell since they puff themselves up so much in the cold) and 1 Cardinal up in the tree singing & calling to his heart's content! (The Downy Woodpecker re-appeared on Sunday when I put a new supply of Suet out). Unfortunately I also saw a Red Tailed Hawk - I say unfortunately because I caught sight of it w/something in its' claws as it took flight which I figured out shortly after was another bird because there were tiny black & grey feathers all over the snow!

Not the most fun snow day I've had with all the snow blowing, shoveling, salting & bringing the pickup and suv to the repair shop.

Thankfully the pick up was fixed yesterday but it took 4 hours longer than expected, 2 of those hours we spent waiting at the repair shop! I was annoyed to say the least since they were trying to figure out a "problem" Hubby told them about when he first dropped it off - it- an old quirky truck and it's not a problem! (Grrr)

The bright side to that was stopping at Duncan Donuts for hot cocoa and sour cream donuts!

Of course, my Mom went & cleaned off her car and SHOVELED out the back while we were at the shop. (As if she's going anywhere - I drive in the suv if she needs to go anywhere in iffy weather/conditions). She hasn't been feeling well lately to boot. (Grrr)

The temp dropped to 23 degrees as the sun went down and the wind chill made it frigid! Did that and the foot of snow in the back yard stop us from grilling steaks for dinner?! Nope! Hubby was out there with the lantern lit, bundled up & wearing his knee high rubber boots, a beer in a coolie! He was having a great time. (Yeah, we're just a little bit crazy!)

Today I've got to trudge out to the basement to finish yesterday's laundry, get cracking on my CoL pen pal letters and start reading Jane Eyre & The Story of Edgar Sawtelle for this month's group reads! Then around 4:30p we've got to pick up the suv.


Holli said...

I love your picture Jo....that's so cool!!

GardeningJo said...

Thanks Holli! (Sort of makes it look like we were buried up to our eye balls, lol).

Brandie said...

ugh, I can't wait for Spring. and to be completely over this flu/cold crap! i hope you're feeling better, too!
and there's nothing wrong with grilling out in the winter :) my hubby and i do it all the time. we just got a new grill this past weekend, and he couldn't wait to use it. even if it's still only 30 degrees out! lol.