Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nearly time for bed. Early day tomorrow. Hubby has to appear with the property managment in court re: an apartment, then we're off to the Philly Flower Show. (Hope the second try is a charm).

Had my iv today. No bad reaction this go around. Just the usual wheezy-ness and feeling tired, thank goodness.

If you are a creative (no matter your outlet), try to catch the following on NJN/PBS or whatever your local public station may be: The Great American Quilt Revival and Craft in America. I have been watching both this evening. VERY inspiring.

Had hoped to get caught up on reading Jane (Eyre) and Edgar (Sawtelle) during & after my iv today but my nurse was chatty as was my mom who didn't leave until 2pm, 2 hours or so after my iv was overwith. Once alone, I decided to write my reply to my CoL pen pal who's letter arrived this morning. (Due to my anal retentive tendencies, this took a while). I've mailed out 2 letters so far and will be mailing another this weekend. (Will also be receiving a few more too!) I love snail mail!

Well, the ol' lids are starting to droop so I'll bid farewell & until I post again!

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