Friday, March 06, 2009

A New & Uncomfortable Experience

I'm in the waiting area of our County Court House Civil/Tenant division. Hubby and our property manager are appearing today regarding a specific apartment and its' tenants, who, unfortunately, may be evicted as a result. (Please know they have been given every last opportunity & then some to change their situation, even long before Hubby took over the complex 3 years ago). I'm only here either to drive Hubby home (whopping sinus infection) or if he feels better, we'll head down to the Philly Flower Show.

So here I wait and listen to bits & pieces of conversations going on around me.

I nearly ended up here a few times in the past, only I would've been a defendant, not just here as a tag-a-long. What a humiliating experience it would have been. I can see that by being here today. There is such an obvious distinction, a line drawn, between the plantiff's and defendants. Plantiff's appear arrogant, high & mighty. Tenant's appear to have their tails between their legs, embarrassed & begging for more time. I thank God I never had to appear.

There's a chance I may have to speak with the judge re these tenants. I don't really want to but will if asked. They are the type to take this personally & be spiteful even though this has nothing to do with myself or Hubby and it's not personal.


Just Tera said...

Sheesh what an uncomfortable position to be in. I hope you were able to go to the flower show.

Lizzi said...

Your post title had me wondering! I hope that it goes as well as it can without getting messy. And I really hope you get to add some colorful blossoms to your day!