Monday, March 09, 2009

A very short piece

A freewrite written this afternoon from Holli's prompt from last week over at CoW. (The front door slams shut behind me and I'm...)
The front door slams shut behind me and I'm...
Out on out front porch. The air smells like fresh rain, sweet & humid. I put the laundry bag down and turn to look at the mess Mother Nature has revealed with the recent thaw, Old Man Winter's last snow melted into the dirt, and sigh. Twigs & branches in and around everything. Bits & pieces of garbage blown from the dumpsters and what "accidentally" falls out of the cars in the parking lot. More, lots more of the same in the back yard, though little garbage. Too much to ignore, though too wet & mushy to do anything about today.
My mind is itching to be in Spring mode. What needs to be cleaned up, thrown out? Which pots need their paint refreshed? (All of them this year!) What's going to go where? (Veggies out front, full sun - but what else? Shade flowers out back). Another sigh. I haven't looked through all of the seed catalogs yet.
So much to do.
For now, I pick up the laundry bag and head to the basement.


Lizzi said...

This conveys the feeling Winter slowly turning into Spring so well, with the anticipation it brings. It definitely reminds me of Iowa this time of year.

GardeningJo said...

Thank you Lizzi! As much as I loved our recent foot of snow, I'm ready for Spring for the first time in a few years. (We haven't had much of a Winter here in at least 3 years - It was as if Fall continued thru December and Spring took over in January).

GardeningJo said...

It so irkes me when I copy & paste something and Blogger refuses to let the spaces between sections publish! Just a "Grrrr" moment!

dragyonfly said...

I love this! It really conveys that immenent spring feeling. I know that feeling exactly when you sense the end of winter and your spring "to do" list pops up with all the freshen ups, plantings and plans.

GardeningJo said...

That to do list along with my usual forever long to do list, lol!

Thanks Deb! I'm trying to write a little every day now to get back into the habbit.