Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Can't be Trusted with a Camera!

At least not when Hubby's wearing these jeans! (The pic isn't doing him enough justice). I'm still wiped out frm yesterday's IV treatment and was more than a bit giggly at the food store with him this evening when I noticed he was wearing my favorite jeans! (Not as in literally wearing a pair of my jeans!) He came right home after work to pick me up & never got out of the truck. Wonderfully disgusting to still be this in love with and hot for Hubby, isn't it?! We'll be together 5 years on May 22/24 (long story for another time) and married 4 years on May 25 (officially- unofficially 5 years on Aug 21 which is another story for another time!).


teri said...

I'm not going to say a word about your DH and his jeans or his butt -- but what are you having IV treatments for?

Jo said...

I have Psoriatic Arthritis (an incurable, chronic and progressive auto-immune disease) and I get 3 hour IV treatments of Remicade at home every 8 weeks, a med used to attempt to make my symptoms/health/infections more manageable as opposed to when I was practically incapacitated 24/7 before beginning the treatments in Jan 2008. (It's the last of 4 meds for this "sero-negative" arthritis that I've been on over the last 4 years).