Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekend in Photo's

1)Looking towards home (well, the town we live in at least - we live on the "dry" side)
2)Conch shell we returned to the ocean when we found a tiny rock crab living in it
3)Seeds I started last Sunday are well under way this weekend
4)The branches from our Christmas tree turned bird shelter have become a gorgeous honey color with a hint of purple
5)A wild Tulip on the other side of the back yard fence growing over a wild pink Hyacinth
6)Sunday dinner outside
7)Sometimes living in close proximity to 3 airports makes for a neat pic
8)Beautiful end to a beautiful weekend


Lizzi said...

Your weekend looks so calm and relaxing! And your dinner yummy.

Jo said...

Pictures can be deceiving, lol! There was also lots of running around, sweating buckets while Hubby took off the air conditioner covers & finishing up an apt that was recently vacated. That reminds me, I forgot a pic! Dinner was yummy, but I was still full from subs & ice cream for lunch!!! And the heat sort of took my appetite out of me.

Thauna said...

Looks and sounds like a full weekend! Fun had, work accomplished, AND you got to see the ocean! I would love that!

Lizzi said...

The heat takes the appetite out of me too.

Jo said...

Thauna, it was a good weekend together. Even got a chance to stop my fav Mexican place for lunch on Sat!

Brenda said...

lovely photos...almost makes me happy it was 90 degrees in April... ;-)

Jo said...

Almost is right Brenda!