Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Planes of Plenty

What I thought was a neat pic, taken from our bedroom window earlier this evening. The landings for JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports were busy today! You know you live too close to an airport when the planes are so low you can see (not make out details) people sitting by the airplane windows! Those were the planes landing across Sandy Hook Bay/NY Harbor over at LaGuardia. The next lowest planes were heading in a similiar direction over to JFK. The next lowest were heading out to Newark. It figures that during the Winter, the flight patterns are different & it's quiet - during the warmer months it's every 2 minutes for hours on end during the day! (And when you're on Sandy Hook Beach during the Wednesday night Summer concerts, they drown out everything while they pass over!)

I wanted to rest outside today even though it was much cooler than yesterday & it was plane after plane after plane. (Yesterday I was in a summer night gown & flip flops when I was sitting on the patio and today I was in a sweat suit, socks & sneakers, a scarf around my neck and a throw wrapped around my legs! Remember, it's always cooler here at the shore!) It's only the beginning of the season & the airplane noise doesn't bother me/us yet. By Fall it'll drive me out of my mind!

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