Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Hubby came home early from work today and once the pickup truck troubles were seemingly figured out & fixed, we ended up at Holmdel Park. While he fished for trout & moved around the lake trying different spots, I walked around the lake and settled on a bench under a tree with the sun at my back. The wind kept the temps from feeling their 60 degrees but I was prepared with my scarf & gloves.

It seemed as though every person in the county was here at the park this afternoon and it was anything but tranquil, but it was nice nonetheless.


Brandie said...

My hubby has been itching to start fishing :) It's so nice that the weather is finally starting to change and we can get outside!

PS...I really love your new blog layout :)

Holli said...

What absolutely gorgeous pictures Jo!! I loved seeing these....spring has really sprung in NJ :)

Jo said...

Thanks Brandie! If you hadn't suggested printing the directions out, it may not look like this. I love having 3 columns. Makes things easier for me to find & see.

Thanks Holli! Spring has sprung in spurts here. (Lol, try & say that 3 times fast!) There isn't as much going on here at the coast yet as there is just a couple of miles inland. I coudn't help myself from taking pics.

Lizzi said...

Your spring is so bountiful! And the blossoms are so delightful! Hope you had a relaxing afternoon.

Jo, I tweak my photos using Google's Picasa. It's free which is the best part. I use the latest version (#3 I think) which has more abilities than the last...like adding text and changing the angle a bit. To get a more vibrant look I play with the basic tools - fill light, highlights, and shadows. Sometimes, for a more dramatic effect I play with the saturation level. I also have PhotoShop but it has way too many options for me! I like what it can do, but I don't understand it nearly enough to really get what I need to out of it. Plus, it's more time consuming than Picasa. I need to take an online class and/or spend a weekend by myself playing with it. The class is more probable.

I have yet to do an online album. I like the concept, but I don't like the non-personal feel. That was why I started a photo blog. Of course, I tended to ignore it so I moved all the pictures there to my regular blog (they're all labeled Saving the Moment). Depending on what you're going after you could try adding a blog.

windy city girl said...

Ah, good ol' Holmdel Park! Takes me back :-)

BookGirl78 said...

What a gorgeous park!!! WOW...lucky duck. Our parks don't look that nice out here.