Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine

The time is upon us! Date night at the movies this weekend!

Honestly, I may need a few cigarettes after seeing this movie. Hugh Jackman NAKED. I don't mind that we won't get to see all of his naughty bits (after all, it's PG13); I have a vivid imagination and can fill in what I don't see! (I hope Hubby's well rested, lol!)


Brandie said...

omg...that's too funny.

i'm not a big xman fan, but Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights is in the movie, so i may have to get it on Demand sometime...

hope you enjoy!

Jo said...

Wolverine is to me what Edward is to you!!! Tonight, 7:20pm at the theatre down town. I can't wait! (Trust me, it's well worth a look see).