Thursday, May 07, 2009

10 Minutes A Day

I thought of something today (quit snickering, I've been known to actually think once in a while) and while I'm sure others have come to this same realization, it's new to me, so bare with.

I decided today that I am going to spend 10 minutes a day, Mon thru Fri on cleaning/straitening each room in the house (yes, I know we live in an apartment), which comes to less than an hour overall. (50 minutes to be exact). I figure I can do anything for 10 minutes, even if I don't like it and breaking it up like this will help me to be more productive. (At least that's what I hope will happen!)

*Of course this was decided before finding out later this afternoon that we're having a State inspection a week from tomorrow and an inspector & our property manager have to enter every apartment in the complex, including ours. And dear Lord Mom is going to freak out over this. (Why? I don't know, she just will. Because).


Lizzi said...

I try to do this too. But somehow I always end up cleaning on Saturdays. Go figure. And good luck on your inspections.

Brandie said...

Mom's are good for freaking out about anything.

You know - breaking it up each day is a great idea. If I didn't spend my entire Saturday morning doing all of my cleaning - and did a little every day, I'd probably enjoy the weekend more. But I'm always tired at night, after work, that I don't feel like doing anything. Maybe I can designate something for every night...hmm...wheels a churnin. Great idea!!

Jo said...

Brandie, that's why I'm here, to inspire others, lol!

Lizzi, thanks - the inspections shouldn't be a big deal (except for the kitties - we're officially a pet free community - unofficially, that's another story, lol!)

I always end up taking one day and exhausting myself too but I'm trying not to do that anymore.