Monday, May 11, 2009

Diary of a Thirty-Something Approaching Another Bday - Part 4 + Mother' Day

I took this yesterday morning after an early breakfast with Mom down at the Harbor. (Can't believe it came out, the wind was going at 40mph!)

First off Vic is a SAINT. He spent the good majority of both of his days off, Saturday and Sunday, doing work around his Mother-in-law's home even though 95% of the time she's not nice to him and how she treats me frustrates & angers the hell out of him. He fixed her living room ceiling (spackel, dry, sand, spackle, dry, sand, paint dry paint, dry) installed a new screen door for her patio and will do 1 last coat of paint on the ceiling & trim it out with molding after work one night this.

I put a garden trellis together to go around her downstairs window to the side of the patio and started a small container garden for Mom yesterday. It doesn't look like much yet because it's all from seeds but everything's pretty fast growing and should be looking great in a month. I told her I didn't know what else I could do to try & make her home nice for her, but this I know how to do. (And for once, she let me).

In general it was a good day with Mom, a rare occasion to say the least. I appreciated not having the usual holiday related drama for once. And she genuinely seemed to be happy and in a good mood, over flowing with thanks for what we did around her home. No snide comments or anything else otherwise upsetting.

We ran up to the Twin Lights lighthouse so Vic could leave a card there for his Mom who passed away nearly 4 years ago - some of her ashes are there, the one place she specifically noted because she grew up here and as a young girl could see the lighthouse from her bedroom window. My Mom came with and we took her to lunch afterwards. We also bbq'd for dinner and had her over.

Last but not least, Vic started the day by waking me and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, saying it was my day too. And he got me a 6 pack of pink Petunia's.


Brandie said...

what a beautiful picture, Jo!!

Holli said...

I am very happy you had such a good Mother's Day Jo! That's fantastic!!

Jo said...

Thanks gals!