Friday, May 29, 2009

Countdown to George

Later this afternoon, we'll head on over to PNC Arts Center to see this handsome cowboy, country music's George Strait. Country music's Blake Shelton will open around 8pm and in less than 10 hours, around 9pm, George will take the stage and I cannot wait! I was never a big country music fan before I met Vic but I did like a few, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and George Strait. After tonight, I will have seen all 3 in concert. (Believe it or not, this is just as big for me as seeing KISS in concert for the first time!)

We've had hella rain this morning and thunderstorms are supposed to pass through around rush hour. This is an outdoor concert! And they don't cancel for the weather because the stage and some of the seating is underneath a roof and partially enclosed. We have lawn tickets. But, I've got my rain poncho and rubber garden boots at the ready, so bring it on!

Only thing I hate about concerts are the slutty women (and girls) and there are more than enough at any concert (some beautiful, some not, some sober, many not). You would not believe how many times women walk up to Vic and hit on him with me standing or sitting right there next to him! (Most of the time he has his arm around me or we're holding hands too ~ TACKY! I know, right?!)

Countdown to the NY Book Festival and Gettysburg officially begins after tonight!


Mandy said...

HA HA!! You gotta love the PNC sluts. LOL They even go to the Beach Boys Concerts.

Have fun tonight. The thunderstorms are supposed to be wicked today. Hopefully it will all be cleared out by the time the show starts.

Holli said...

I've seen George twice and the last time it was front row!! Great concert, he's awesome...have fun Jo!!!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Hope you had a great time!
Sounds like a lot of fun (Sans the clueless women!)

I'm don't lean towards Country either, but, I certainly appreciate it and have been to my share of concerts, my all time favorite being Johnny Cash at the Grand Ole Oprey when I was 10. That was definitely worth writing home about!

Jo said...

Mandy, they are at every concert there! Even the Irish, German & Polish festivals, lol! Thunderstorms stayed to our south but we did get drizzled on throughout but not enough to ruin it.

Holli, he was awesome! FRONT ROW?! It's probably a good thing I wasn't that close ~ he was smiling that sexy smile at all the ladies in front and had he done that to me, Lord knows what I may have done in response! LOL

Z&T, it was a great time! I didn't start leaning fully (more or less) towards country until about 5 years ago - there's so much variety & people to chose from now. Johnny Cash at The Grand Old Oprey must have been an amazing experience! What incredible memories for you!

I forgot to add in the post, I've loved Loretta Lynn for many many years too, along with George Strait, Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt, before really liking country music as a whole and I've now seen all 4 of them live in concert! I'm very happy about that.

Our friends, whose little boy passed away nearly a year ago went with us last night and it was so good seeing them and spending time with them. (They haven't been out much since T passed away).

Lizzi said...

Happy the concert was so fun! I've always had a little crush on George!

Jo said...

That man is aging WELL! I've had a little crush on him the past few years too!