Friday, May 08, 2009

Diary of a Thirty-Something Approaching Another Birthday - Part 2

Two guys walked into the bar (no, this isn't a joke!) and they looked SO young. I watched them for a moment as they sat down and wondered if I looked that young back then - I was actually getting into & being served bars in this area when I was 19 and never got carded once, but that could've been the fact that bff M is from here & 2 years older than I, we were usually together - and I wondered how many people watched me with the same amusement I was now watching these 2 guys with...

Oh, the pic was taken after dinner just down the street from the bar. I saw the sign & liked it. ("Yesterday is Past Tomorrow is the Future Today is a Present")

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Cindy said...

Love this picture! Isn't it so true about young people in bars. Though I didn't go to our favorite 'hometown' Corner Tavern while in Illinois this time; it is amazing to me all of the young people that you don't think should be old enough to even be there! I find myself asking the question, "Who are your parents?" I know I'm getting older....when I don't know the kids but know the parents or grandparents! ha