Saturday, May 09, 2009

Diary of a Thirty-Something Approaching Another Birthday - Part 3

Brandie M, this is for you: I had 1 glass of red Sangria and 1 glass White Zinfindel, more than an hour a part last night and awoke at 6:25am this morning with a head pounding hangover. WTF?!

It's bad enough I've lost my tolerance (thankfully I waited until I was married to become a cheap date) but I now get hangovers off a couple of drinks?! I didn't get my first full blown hangover until I was 32 and I've had more then a few since and only a few of them, in my humble opinion, were deserved.

But my acne's acting up again so I've got that to keep me feeling youthful, lol!


Lizzi said...

I feel for you. My last hangover was so bad that it pretty much swore me off the drink (that and the swimming in my sister- and brother-in-laws pool with my clothes on!) I know all about breaking out lately too. It sucks. Bad.

Lizzi said...

P.S. -- Love the photo. I'm living on the coast vicariously through you, if you don't mind!

Jo said...

Thanks Lizzi! (Today I wasn't awake at 6:25am but a 2 drink hangover, it was the clod-hoppers upstairs - I'm in the market for a good loud air horn if you know of any!)

And I have no problem with your living vicariously through me! (Never thought anyone would, lol!) I used to tell my bff G that all the time when she lived in Manhattan and first moved to Chicago.

Brandie said...

Ah, Jo. I SO feel your pain. Seriously, tho - wtf?!?! I had two beers Saturday night, and once again, felt like I couldn't get out of bed the next morning. So annoying!

And the acne thing, too. I'm having a horrible time with it. I'm really close to just pouring straight alcohol on my face because I can't take it anymore!!

Jo said...

Yeah, I haven't a clue. And so many women our age are having this acne problem and I don't recall my Aunt or Cousins having it - what the heck is going on?!