Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Day in Photo's

~Birthday loot from bff Bren on the left, goodies from Author Meg Waite Clayton on the right
~Ceasar kitty bird watching - Lunch
~Pink place update - Tiger Moth I tried to save from laundry room floor
~Back yard (grass still growing in patchy) - Wind chimes from bff Bren (more Bday loot!)
~Front porch - New Rose bush
~Front porch - Front porch
~Front of our place (heh, heh, couldn't resist takin' the tushy shot!) - Front of our place
~Front porch - Front porch

Today's soundtrack: Sugarland (all 3 of their cd's).


windy city girl said...

I love your photos! So beautiful. I love that you share your surroundings.

Jo said...

Thanks G!

Lizzi said...

Looks like a good Birthday! You always have me giggling with the tush shots!

Jo said...

Thanks Lizzi - this was the day before the bday (which was an excellent day). Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate the tushy shot! LOL