Monday, May 11, 2009

My Weekend in Photo's

Mom's new container garden (Click on Pics to Enlarge)

Vic leaving the card for his Mom ~ Twin Lights Lighthouse

View from Twin Lights ~ View from Twin Lights

Wonderful Hubby doing something he REALLY didn't want to do (not just another tushy shot!) ~ Pink Place in our garden update


Brenda said...

okay admit it, not another tushy shot, but you didn't mind take it from that angle.

can i borrow him when he is finished!?

Jo said...

Ya caught me! I never mind taking pics of Hubby from any angle, lol! It did start out as another tushy shot but when I was looking thru the photo's to post today, I figured out it's actual purpose!

I don't normally volunteer Vic out to other women (LOL!) but if you lived closer and he had the time, I'm sure he'd be able to help you out! (No tushy shots by anyone other than I as I am his tushy's exclusive photographer! (snickers - what? that was funny!) Ok, time for me to get some sleep!)

Holli said...

Gorgeous pictures, the sky is almost lavender in some of them. Very pretty!

Jo said...

Thanks Holli! It was a stunning day here at the Coast on Sunday.

windy city girl said...

Lovely! You are inspiring me to start using my camera again. I swear, it's been hibernating all winter :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Jo Nice of you to comment on my blog sorry for the delay in responding I have been away for a week.

I was sorry to hear you had Lyme Disease. With all that is available these days and the controversay surrounding diagnosis and treatment I hope you have had a LLMD Lyme Literate Medical Doctor consider your psoratic arthritis. The cause is unknown of this and so it is just symptom treatment. It is quite likely to be related to your Lyme Disease and may well respond to antibiotics.Im not sure if your IV is antibiotic or not.

Have a good read through some of the links on my blog as much has been happening since yur illness in the 1990's. ILADS guidelines are a must to read.

Well nice meeting you and good luck with your arthritis cure.

Jo said...

G, after a Chicago winter, I don't blame it for hibernating! lol!

Joanne said...

Hi Jo

Thank you for replying to my comment about Lyme and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Glad to hear you are clearly well clued up with what is going on. Such a difficult one isn't it was it Lyme or was it something else?

When do we suppress the immune system and when do we support it?

I know NKT cells are linked with Lyme or the lack of them make it difficult to clear the borrelia.

I wish you well with your Arthritis and will follow you from my site when I get time tomorrow to sort my blog out. Meanwhile I decided not to post your last comment. Lyme is such a complex issue and for now I want anyone reading my site to get into a bit more information before dismissing out of hand.

I hope you will understand and not be offended.

Glad to hear that you are at last responding to your treatment. Good luck

I love your bird song and bees on your blog.

Oh and I did hear of someone else in UK who had Lyme but is now being treated for Psoratic Arthritis not Lyme. LLMD doesn't think it is Lyme now I think she said.