Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Arrivals!

Look who flew in this evening! We've heard from other tenants that these male & female Mallards have been here at least a week or longer but this was the first we've seen them. Hubb's & I fed them bits of bread for awhile, sitting on the parking lot curb with them only about a foot away from us. Aren't they cute?! We're calling them Waddles (the female is heavy with this season's eggs) and Daffy aka The Quackers! (Hey now, that's worth a giggle at least). I can't wait to see if they'll have their babies here & walk around with them!


windy city girl said...

Aw, that's cute! I see ducks and geese all the time when I'm walking in Lincoln Park. Maybe they're cousins of these 2 :-)

Lora said...

Please take pictures! The only birds we get at my house are pigeons. Ick!

Also, about Wednesday Spaghetti- I saw your comment on Lizzi's post, and it's not just for friends! It's a good, cheap, and easy way for the family to sit down, turn off the TV, maybe open a bottle of wine or serve a nice something sweet at the end of dinner, and really enjoy each other for a few hours.

The important thing is that you are sitting down and spending quality time with people you love!

Jo said...

G, they're so adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing if they arrive again today! Mom says she's seen them around here for a while now.

Lora, that's true, I didn't think of Wednesday Spaghetti that way! Thank you for pointing that out, I appreciate it!

Lizzi said...

Too cute...quack quack.

Jo said...

They were back again last night and made a bee line for me when I walked out the front door! Adorable!