Sunday, May 03, 2009

Please Support Our Troops, While They're Away AND When They Come Home (Pls Watch and LISTEN)

Watching this earlier brought out the Marine Wife in me (as well as the tears) and while I don't like to get political here, as you all know, I feel strongly about the following and wish to share my thoughts with you: Regardless of whether or not you agree with our Governments mission(s) for our troops, whether or not you are for or against our President, these brave Men and Women deserve nothing less than our respect and gratitude for VOLUNTEERING to do a job that most of us wouldn't even consider much less actually do. Don't forget about them once they're home. Many are coming home missing limbs, scarred beyond recognition or completely incapacitated, but all are coming home changed forever down into their souls. They still need our support in any way we can possibly give. Freedom isn't free for any of us. We all need to work together to do our part, even if we aren't in our Military.

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