Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"We Should be Sleepin..."

Anyone remember that Eddie Money song? (I love Eddie Money! Surprised?) It's in my head now because it's 1:20am and I'm still awake. I was reading "Bound South" by Susan Rebecca White, trying to finish it. I'm almost there, saving the last 20 pages for the morning. Well, later this morning.

Got through Mom's birthday better than expected. I survived and no one got hurt. (It was touch and go a few times). "Beautiful flowers but they have a strong smell, don't they? Are they anything like the ones in Foodtown?" (Her subtle attempt to figure out where I bought them and how much they cost). Upon opening a cute card with a pic of a little girl sitting on a chair facing the corner, she exclaims, "I never made you sit in time out!"

Insert inward groan and head in hand here.

"I know that Mom! It's a cute card, will you read it for crissakes?!"

"Taking a time out to wish you a Happy Birthday Mom! Oh that is cute!" (Insert Mom's laugh here - insert my need for a double shot here also).

Hubby called while I was visiting her and sang Happy Birthday to her on my cell's speaker phone. Mom laughed, smiled and thanked him! Miracle of miracles! (She's usually rude to him when he's nice to her).

Now we'll just have to see what Mother's Day brings. I'll be glad when this first week of May is overwith. It's no wonder I'm feeling edgy as of late! (Insert misgivings about my own birthday rapidly approaching in addition and you get a strong desire for wine! LOTS of wine).


Meg said...

Gotta love those birthdays! and those Mother's Days! oy

Brandie said...

I'm cracking up at the double shot comment! I love my mom, but she can drive me nuts sometimes. I'm glad you survived it.

Birthdays are the pits. Drink up! :)

Jo said...

Thank you both!

Cyn said...

Jo, we must've been in the same plae with our Mom's this week. I had a rough 5 minutes at her house yesterday. I thought for sure I was going to explode.
Glad she liked the card and song!

Jo said...

Lol Cyn, this vibe seems to be flowing around the globe! Thanks.

Lora said...

I'm dying laughing at this post, not at you, or your mom, but at the fact that this probably happens in SO many houses around the world every day!


Also, I'm so glad I found you thru Lizzi and Brandie. You totally crack me up and make me think, all at the same time

Jo said...

Thank you Lora! Truly much appreciated!

Brenda said...

oh God, I hope my kids dont' say these things about me behind my back...LOL!

I cracked up the whole way through, and you survived and I hope you had that nice glass of wine.

Roxy said...

sounds like you should have celebrated Cinco de Mayo to help you get through your visit

Jo said...

I hope, if we have children, they don't feel the same way about me as I feel at times about my Mom, lol! (I know we all roll our eyes to an extent at our parents and our children will do the same, BUT...)

I did have that glass of wine! (It was a LARGE glass). Cinco de Mayo a day early, lol!