Friday, June 05, 2009

By This Time Tomorrow...

We'll probably be in a motel room for the evening having left in the afternoon to start making our way down (and over) to Gettysburg. We may stop in Philly to take Nephew out for a late lunch or dinner. We may not. (Depends on his schedule).

I'm not as far along with packing & tidying up as I would've liked to be (I hate coming home from vacation to a messy home) but with Vic's help we'll catch up tomorrow morning. With the wind-swept pouring rain I was unable to re-pot 9 things in the garden (2 in Mom's) today so I have to do that before we leave tomorrow as well or they may die while we're away. My rose bush from last year is just starting to bloom (of course!) so I took a few pics this evening. I hate leaving the garden as much as I hate leaving the kitties! (I never claimed to be normal, lol!)

Mom's going to look in on them. Her first time doing so. (This should prove interesting). I have the urge to lock down the file cabinet & our bedroom - I KNOW she's going to snoop! Every time she's in the bathroom something gets knocked over or onto the floor - I keep telling her she has to learn to snoop more quietly. (Seriously. I mean, come ON, I'm right outside the bathroom in the living room!) I should booby-trap my journals just in case. Better yet, I'm hiding them under the bed. (Can you tell there's a history there with me, journals & my Mom?)

The closer we get to leaving, the moodier she gets. Happens every time. (Insert me sighing, shaking head & rolling eyes here).

I'm still sad that the NY Book Festival was canceled for tomorrow and won't be meeting up with Meg, Teri & Beth :( but I'm really getting excited for Gettysburg (and just being back in PA in general - it does my soul good). I love going to places which truly appreciate and embrace their history, both good & bad. Like with MA this past October, I'm wondering what I will feel and experience in Gettysburg.

I'll post some 'from the road' with pics, (perhaps Tweet now & again) saving the majority for when we return. (My first opportunity to use my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix L100, 10 mega pixels, 15x zoom ~ it's been YEARS since I had a real camera and my last one used film!)

Have a fab weekend & upcoming week!


Mandy said...

Funny. I have a bottle (from a party store) of candy in my medicine cabinet. It looks like a medicine bottle and it's "I Love Lucy" Vitameatavegamin. I even have a dosage cup on the top. This way the snoopers could giggle and be caught. LOL (I have no medicine in the cabinet, I keep it in the kitchen cabinet)

Have a safe trip and good luck getting everything done in time. <3

Brandie said...

Have tons of fun and takes lots of pics!!

Jo said...

Mandy Sue, that's great! My Mom told me if we have a 'nanny cam' we'll see her doing lots of interesting things - I asked her if she was walking around the house flipping the bird; she paused and then admitted she was! LOL I told her next time I am going to have one set up just to see that!