Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Still not feeling 'up to par' but making the effort to get outside regardless. Yesterday (as you know from my photo's in the prev. post) I sat on the front porch for breakfast. (Wasnt un-interrupted though, but Mondays here at the apartment complex are usually hectic). It's warmer this morning & not much of a breeze out front so I decided to switch to the back yard where it's shady and pleasantly breezy.

The wind chimes are tinkling and a mourning dove is cooing. Even with the street & highway traffic noise, I could fall asleep out here! I'm sure Ceasar wouldn't mind at all. He loves being out here, keeping me company, exploring & mole hunting and chasing bugs. He hates being brought back inside and isn't shy about vocalizing his discontent!

I'm just so tired lately and headachey. My hands & arms hurt so much they kept waking me up last night. I was hoping my 2 plus weeks of feeling crappy were weather related but now with our weather having been sunny for 4 days in a row now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'm fighting off a sinus infection. (The idea that I may be becoming immune to my iv med has crossed my mind since I'm feeling much like I was before I started the iv's but I keep pushing that thought out of my mind as quickly as it comes in. Yes, it's a possibility but one I refuse to concede to just yet).

Yesterday I got that giddy, excited hyper feeling - ya know the one you get when you feel like you're on the verge of something? Well, I also get that when I'm getting sick so it's a toss-up as to the reason for it! (lol)

Well, I'm going to get back to reading the new issue of Where Women Create (magazine - http://wherewomencreate.com ) and then see what I'm up to doing. We're making a trip to Walmart this evening and bringing Mom. (Should be interesting!) We need to pick up some necessities for our first weekend up at the lake for July 4th weekend.


teri said...

Hey Jo - I hope you will be feeling better soon. Too bad you are allergic to that Enbrel stuff - it helps my son a lot with the psoriasis. Of course the trade-off is that it also suppresses the immune system. I love the picture of the table with the chair and coffee cup. Sitting out on my back porch is the one thing I miss here in New York City

Mandy said...

Enjoy your weekend! =)

Jo said...

teri, other than giving me migraines, Enbrel didn't do anything for me. Remicade has. This ended up being a sinus infection, which for the time being, I think I'm over, lol!

Thanks Mandy!