Monday, June 29, 2009

My Weekend in Photo's - Let's Try This Again!

1) Water flooded the patio & came into the kitchen during a nasty storm Fri evening
2) Kitties didn't like the nasty storm
3) Sky after the storm
4) Sky & rainbow after the storm
5) View from dock where we had dinner Sat evening
6) Same as #5
7) Pretty Sunday evening sky
8) 1st red raspberry of the season
9) More raspberries
10) Sunny sky this morning, 3rd sunny day in a row
11) Breakfast on the front porch this morning


Sarah said...

I love your little table and chairs! What a cute place to eat breakfast in the morning :-)

Lora said...

I wondered if you were close by to me. Jersey is only so big!
Let me know when you are down visiting Philly!

Lit and Life said...

I'll bet you enjoy your front porch!

Jo said...

Thanks Sarah!

Will do Lora! (Ok, now that looks a little odd without hearing the pronunciation, lol!)

L, I do enjoy it but it's fairly exposed and not really private what with there being the entrance to 3 other apartments to my right on the porch, the parking lot directly in front of me and tenants have to walk by us to get to the trash, so I'm actually thinking of moving my little set here out back if I can find one cheap on clearance to replace it out front. I love it so much but hardly use it because of the lack of privacy. Out back I can create a nook in the yard for it and use it regularly.

Joanne said...

I love your sky photos

Jo said...

Thanks Joanne! I love taking them.

Mandy said...

I really am starting to believe we are becoming the new Seattle. This rain needs to stop!!