Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Last Night In Gettysburg

It's some time after 9:30p and it's been raining for over 2 hours, with thunder & lightning at times. It's looked threatening since 1:30p (when we went from 30% chance of storms to 60% with a flash flood watch) but thankfully held off. We were able to take a dip in the pool, have a miniature golf rematch (Vic beat me this time) and play some arcade games in the game room before heading back to the cabin to grill dinner. Alas, no fire this evening though. And no dusk drive through the battlefields on the main roads to see which memorials are lit up at night and to see if we could catch site or sound of anything remotely ghosty. But a rainy evening in the cabin isn't all bad... ;-)

It just goes too fast, any time we're lucky enough to get away (or have nothing to do at all).

And while I love where we live now, again I am reminded by being here in PA that I want to move and that I will be happy when we do. (I would LOVE to move to PA, but the job outlook isn't so good throughout the state which is why Tennessee seems to be edging its' way ahead. We'll have to see what Autumn or 2010 brings).

Would you believe, not 1 bookstore in this town?! (Plenty of Civil War books in the shops). Yes, even with Gettysburg College! Nor any knitting shops. Hhhhhmmmm... I see a need and no over-saturation in the town's market... (Idea's forming, brain mulling over them).


Lit and Life said...

I'm thinking a foggy day in Gettysburg might be a little creepy if you believe in ghosts--especially the kind that died with unfinished business!

The cabin looks like a wonderful place to stay--secure building but still a bit uncivilized.

Bookstore/knitting shop? I think you could definitely make a go of that in a tourist place like Gettysburg. Keep mulling!


Jo said...

I am definitely mulling~ we'd love to move to PA (or in Hubby's case, move back) and there's got to be a way to do it that won't leave us destitute given the economy. There has to be a way!

Lori said...

That would be fun to open up a book store...