Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday in Pics

After taking this and walking past this head stone, I felt compelled to turn around, which I did and I walked back to it, placed my hand on top of it and said, "Thank you for all you did" then walked on to where Vic was. Not sure what to make of that.


Lit and Life said...

My father taught American History for 38 years and our summer vacations included trips to most Civil War battlefields. At the time, I didn't appreciate them as much as I would now. Gettysburg was one place that really did stick with me and I can totally imagine you feeling the need to go back and touch that headstone.


Jo said...

Thanks Lisa! The enormity of what happened at Gettysburg (and other Civil War battles makes it nearly beyond comprehension. When we first arrived at the battlefields, I started welling up!