Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend in Photo's

1~ George Strait concert Friday evening, went with our friends whose little boy passed away last July. Great concert and so good seeing them.
2~ Last of the 1st Mardi Gras rose blooms for now.
3~ 1st Annual Car Show down town on Saturday morning.
4~ We were very tired Saturday and after doing some errands, ended up relaxing in bed for the afternoon & Ceasar kitty joined us for a good portion of the time.
5~ Sunday was humid, hence a bad hair day (which turned good because my braids came out alright), hence the "Wednesday Sister's" hat! (Not the best pic, lol).
6~ New addition for the garden: A yellow Early Sunrise Coreopsis and purple East Friesland Salvia. (I couldn't resist!)
7~ 1st coat of 'redwood' stain on the fence.
8~ Hubby, just because!
**Just FYI: For the music to play on here (at least for me), you have to scroll down just past my Moon Phases widget on the left and let the player load & the music start, then you can head any place on here ya like! (It's 1 George Strait song followed by nature sounds).


Brandie said...

I love pictures!!

Glad you had fun at the concert :)

Lora said...

are all Mardi Gras roses that orangey pinky color? It's my current obsession, and I may have to place an order at Burpee!

Thank you for the pics! It's a nice little peek into your life

Jo said...

Thanks Brandie!

Lora, you're welcome!

These Mardi Gras roses are Meilland Star Roses (Rosa 'Jacfrain' PPAF Floribunda) and I don't know if they have other colors in this particular one of if they're all pink/orange/yellow ~ here's the site on the tag: .

RainGardener said...

Hi Jo, Great pictures. So the concert was pretty good huh? Well, I'm sure it was. We just watched an old George Stait movie the other day - nothing else on and we felt like just kicking back and doing nothin' and George was showing. And we watched the special tribute show to him too. Whatta guy!!!

Jo said...

We love that movie~ Pure Country. lol He does seem like a good guy. And he puts on a fabulous concert. Thanks for stopping by RainGardener!