Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This Past Saturday in the Garden (in Photo's)

1~ 1st Cosmo bloom
2~ 1st ripening Tomato
3~ Plane that usually goes out & down the beach was flying over head
4~ Zucchini bloom & Parsley
5~ Roses (see those 2 Wolly Aphids?! Little bas...)


M.J. said...

Nothing says summer like red, juicy tomatoes from the garden!

Lit and Life said...

Did you get all of those little bas... killed?

Jo said...

M.J., I get to pick the first 2 today!

Lisa, there are a few lingerers but I'm on aphid patrol every morning until they are no more!

Mandy said...

Nothing like Jersey Tomatoes.

Jo said...

I've been thinking, what actually makes a tomato a Jersey Tomato, Mandy? Just the simple fact of being grown here or... I feel a writing topic here!