Wednesday, July 29, 2009


These vines were unlike anything I've ever seen, in my garden or wrapped around the trees outside our back yard fence. They'd been there so long, their lengths has turned to bark, as thick as 2 inches around in some places. How long had this barn been here? Better question yet, how long had the vines been wrapped around it? They looked older than the barn itself but I don't know how that could be possible.

Unlike most plants which wrapped themselves around a structure, these hadn't forced their ways into every nook & cranny of the surfaces they covered and weren't jeopardizing the barns' stability. No trees grew up and through what seemed to be a vine covered hole in the roof.

"Amazing!" I said aloud, standing in front of it, camera in hand, not moving.

I had wanted to come out and take pictures of this place since we moved here nearly 4 years ago and decided during breakfast that today was the day. With it being only a short distance up the road from our home, I set out on foot.

I quickly regretted walking because the humidity was over bearing even though it wasn't yet mid morning. The air was thick, filling my lungs with moisture that I quickly began sweating out with each step forward. It clouded the air, blotting out some of the summer sun's harshness.

Sweat rolled down my back, snapping me out of the zone I'd drifted into, back to my purpose for being here and I started taking pictures, walking slowly around to each side.

The barn itself seemed to be fully intact, even its' paint appeared preserved by the thick overgrowth. I felt compelled to reach out & touch the smooth grey bark. As my hand rested there, it grew warm and I felt tingling sensations start in the center of my palm, along with a throbbing pounding in my head & chest. I pulled my hand away, feeling a bit like I'd been shocked. Not the first time I'd experienced this, but it always surprised me.

Of course the vines were alive and therefore had energy. But why were they emiting such energy that I could feel it? I'd never had that experience with any kind of plant before. Suddenly being out here by myself no longer seemed like a good idea and I quickly moved away from the barn, on the verge of panick.

Back out on the sidewalk, I stopped to look back. What were those vines protecting?


Brenda said...

that was a heck of a tease. i was waiting for the pics of the vines. my curiosity is aroused.

Mandy said...

Well?!? What were they protecting?!? I'm still waiting!!! LOL

Jo said...

Brenda, the barn & location are real, but the vines are not! But there is more to this beginning...

That's all you're getting for now Mandy! LMAO! ;)

Cindy said...

Great writing Jo!! I'm ready for the rest of the story too! Suspenseful!

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy!