Thursday, August 06, 2009


Golden sun light warms the color of all it touches, casting friendly shadows

Sirens blare to and from the fireman's fair around the corner

The air is gloriously cool, barely 70 degrees, the low humidity such a relief

Our home smells of cinnamon and vanilla, another batch of zucchini bread baking in the oven, this time with dried cranberries instead of raisins

Sunflowers bloom elsewhere but will bloom in my garden sometime this month, Morning Glories blooming on the trellis since last week

The mole is back, I found more of his mounded trails again this afternoon in the back yard

The fat little black mouse is back too, scurrying to and from the thick over growth on the other side of the fence out back to eat bird seed

The windows & doors have been open all day for the first time in weeks

Finally the courtyard is quiet, all seem to be in for the evening or at the fair

Lightning bugs, taking flight, blinking

Crickets chirping, Cicada's buzzing grumpily, some other kind of insect sounding off like a whistle at a track meet

My first cup of hot tea after dark in weeks

Evenings like this hint of Autumn and I feel excitement stir in my chest


Brenda said...

I dedicated my blog for today to you. My gardening princess! Hope you like it.

Brenda said...

I love your post too. It really captured the day perfectly.

Sydney said...

I just wanted to say I love this post!

Jo said...

Thank you Brenda! (Won't repeat my facebook comments, lol). And thank you regarding this post!

Thanks Sydney!