Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Journaling Milestone

This evening, I finished my first Summer journal with roughly 219 pages journaled and roughly 6 other pages of lists in the back. I started it the Summer of 2005. This is only the second journal I've completely filled, ever. (The first one was my first Winter journal the Winter before this one just passed). Until I started using 1 journal for each Season (therefore only writing in one for 3 months at a time), I had journal ADD. So far I've journaled 62 pages this Summer, more than most Seasons and I'm very pleased. I've started using my journal for all of my writings, regardless of genré, i.e. book reviews & discussion questions, daily CoW half hour writings, CoW weekly kickers, fiction pieces, novel idea's, my daily 3 pages (aka "Morning Pages" though mine aren't always done in the a.m.), crafting idea's & notes and my "Timepieces." I haven't done this before and I like having everything all together. I'll continue this in my new Summer journal which has Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on the cover.


Lit and Life said...

I have journal ADD, too! I started journals for all of my kids years ago. Then the entries got further and further apart. Then I'd try to catch them up and knowing that I was going to have to write pages and pages was just too overwhelming. So then I didn't even start. And now I'm so sad about not having kept them up!

Mackenzie10 said...

That's awesome, Jo! I think putting it in one place is a great incentive to keep going and also gives a great feeling of satisfaction at all you've done.

Jo said...

Aaawww Lisa! Maybe you can make scrap books or memory boxes in lieu of the journals?

Thanks Teri! I'm starting my new Summer journal today.