Monday, August 03, 2009

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Well, the dock is off to our right and I'm actually sitting in my favorite spot, the little beach down by our harbor. Great place to watch the sun set and listen to the water. That little figure in the pic to the right is Hubby. When ever he comes down here to fish, I tag along, sit up here, take pics, talk with passersby and relax. Maybe do a little writing or reading. A lovely older man mistook me for a college student when he saw me taking pictures! (Yup, I'm feeling pretty good right now!)

*No good deed goes unpunished:
Older gent above turned out to be a NUT case who kept harassing me about how I should be taking pics, that I should be moved over to the other bench (further away from Vic), how he wished he had his camera because this was an "a-list" sunset, one of the best ever, was I going to take any pics? If not, could he use my camera to take a few for me of the sunset and "that old guy fishing"? (My husband is not an old guy you old bleep). I kindly told him to go bleep himself and LEAVE ME THE BLEEP ALONE already so I could get back to "watching my husband fish, read, take pictures if I feel like it and have a relaxing evening damnit!"

He went back to his bench but continued his going on and on about taking pictures, trying to get my attention, so I moved from my bench down onto the beach to get away from him & closer to Vic (slipped on a rock & tore my elbow open). Then the guy started walking back and forth, talking about taking pictures, looking for me down on the beach so I moved down in front of a dune! Vic met me there since he was finishing up fishing and I told him about the guy who was by now down the opposite way, running back & forth in the water! (Thank God high tide fully came in because there was no way for him to get down to where we were from any angle and the guy was trying).

As as made our way back up to the car, the guy was still running around in the water by the seawall rocks. When he came back up, he started coming towards us and Vic put his hand out (as if to say, "Stop!") and yelled, "Don't even think about it buddy, just go back to your bench and stay there." Thankfully the guy did and he started talking about taking pictures to an older couple who sat on the same bench.

As soon as the sun set, the NUT case hopped on his bike and left.

I/we have been coming to this spot at the Harbor, popular at sunset, for 4 years now and not only have we never seen this guy before, nothing like that has ever happened to me there before. I pray it never does again because it's a stop I always make on my walks.

So much for a nice relaxing evening!


Sarah said...

LOL I'm sorry that the guy kept harassing you, but at least it makes for a funny story!

B said...

What a NUT! But it sounds like you had fun anyway ;)

Brenda said...

this was creepy. hope he does ruin your favorite spot.

Jo said...

Yeah, that's my luck, lol! We went back last night and it was very quiet, no nuts to be seen (LOL). No way I'm letting that ruin my favorite spot! I was fully prepared to open a can of whup ass if he showed & harassed me last night!