Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 Days of Creativity in September (Day 14) & The Countdown Begins

I have yet to post most of my items for my
30 Days of Creativity in September,
but I'm working on it!
(Click on the
"30 Days of Creativity September 2009"
label at the end of this post for Day 11).

Here is yesterday's above,
my new blog header.
(Don't be fooled, this actually took a while to make and after 5 different versions, this is the one I decided I liked best).

The Countdown Begins?
you may be asking yourself (or not).
No, I'm not already counting down to Halloween.
Well, actually I am,
with the widget in the right column,
but that's not it!

This post you are reading right now is #
That's right, post #

nine hundred and ninety
I'm only 10 posts away from post #

I think that's incredible
calls for celebration!
(Once I get there of course).


Sherry Dale Rogers said...

I love the whole Halloween theme,it is the best Holiday of the year, there is a little witch in all of us. Good luck on your 30 days of creatvivity, wish I had the time but I do plan on making Halloween decoration.

Fav. colors red,black,orange,and anything autumn.

Chicks on lit Rule.

M.J. said...

Definitely cause for celebration!

Jo said...

Thanks Sherry! This challenge helps to keep me going in one way or another creatively. (Even writing). Always good to know another "Halloweenie" as my Hubby calls me! lol And I do believe there's a little witch in all. Fall decorations going up this week, Halloween on 10/1 ~ any sooner and I'd probably be in divorce court, LOL!

Thanks M.J.! I'm thinking of planning something just not sure what as of yet.

Lisa said...

Almost a thousand posts?Wow, you've been at this a while! I'm such a newbie!

Tammy said...

Definitely a cause to celebrate! That's alot of posts! Love the new header-great job!

Jo said...

Lisa, I've had this blog since 2006. I had 2 other unsuccessful attempts in 2005 and there's another blog I started a couple of years ago floating around which I've forgotten about & done nothing with in Forever! This blog has stuck! You'll get there before you know it! You're doing great!

Thanks Tammy!

teri said...

Wow Jo - that's an AMAZING accomplishment. I've added you to my blog list for 30 days creative. Hope thats ok with you. It helps me remember to visit everyone - so fun to do! I'm loving this month. xo-teri

Thauna said...
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Thauna said...

Congratulations on the upcoming milestone!! That is very cool. Love the new blog header and the Fall/Halloween colors. :o)

Jo said...

Thank you Teri! And I don't mind at all.

Thanks Thauna!